Ecosse Marketplace

Bringing innovative technology solutions to National Secuity.


Ecosse Marketplace provides a unique, trusted pathway for the national security community to identify new and relevant technologies.

The Marketplace brings together leading edge innovative sovereign and allied technology companies – already pre-screened – with the national security enterprise to meet both current and future data-driven priorities.

The Marketplace will also provide an effective and efficient arena for accelerators and startups.

Ecosse Marketplace is establishing links with US and UK to meet the AUKUS objective of more effective technology sharing. A further platform may also be established in Canada. The platforms will be tailored for country specific requirements but will host the range of capabilities available on the other Ecosse Marketplace platforms.


Before inclusion on the Ecosse Marketplace, each potential Vendor will be pre-screened by a specialist, 3rd party risk & supply chain analyst. This will examine issues such as…

Foreign Ownership Control & Investment

Insider Threat Readiness



Key Principals.

Ecosse Marketplace will provide an efficient and effective avenue for technology companies to expose capabilities to the National Security Community. But each government entity and company which participates in the Marketplace would need to ensure they comply with existing government procurement requirements.

“The AUKUS announcement, and the technology-sharing arrangements embodied in AUKUS between Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, are very central to our strategy in terms of improving the technology within our defence forces and within our nation’s defence industry.”
Richard Marles, Deputy Prime Minister at the ASPI Sydney Dialogue 4 April 2023

“And this (AUKUS) will see huge opportunities for Australian companies to be a part of this supply chain. And in the process have the chance to participate in corresponding supply chains in the US and the UK. It will also see US companies invest more in Australian industry.”
Richard Marles at American Chamber of Commerce in Australia 17 May 2023

Operating Model.

Ecosse Marketplace is hosted in a protected environment. The platform will be managed through Ecosse Global.

Technology companies, accelerators and other entities will apply to join Ecosse Marketplace. Each will need to agree to undertake a pre-screening process at a minimal cost to the company.

Once approved each company will pay an annual subscription to access the Marketplace.

Companies will be able to provide description and images of their technologies. The Marketplace will allow for demonstration videos and downloadable material.

Each national security entity will have access to Ecosse Marketplace as they choose.

Once a link has been made through the Marketplace, there will be appropriate facilities on the Marketplace to allow further secure development of a commercial relationship if desired. Otherwise it can be removed from the platform.

Defence Strategic Review Unclassified report, Ch9 Technology and Asymmetric Advantage

9.5 The success of AUKUS is essential for Australia in acquiring asymmetric capability AUKUS Pillar II Advanced Capabilities will contribute to strengthening the AUKUS partner’ industrial bases, eliminating barriers to information sharing, and technological cooperation. It will develop and deliver advanced capabilities in areas such as artificial intelligence, hypersonics and maritime domain awareness.

9.6 The ambition of the AUKUS partners is to support technological transfers as well as breakdown barriers for intellectual property transfer, domestic manufacturing and domestic maintenance of key weapons, technology and capabilities. This requires dedicated senior-level focus.

Mike Pezzulo, Secretary of the Department of Home Affairs at the ASPI Sydney Dialogue April 2023

…But much of the innovation that will accompany AUKUS will happen in start-ups and mid-sized companies in the US, Australia and the UK and from across a vast array of defence, tech and cyber sectors. The role of industry is central, therefore, not just in realising the potential of AUKUS, but in defining it.

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